Action Plan

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Will the customer commit their time to you?

Up until they give you their money, the main thing they can commit is their time.

If they are truly interested they will give you sufficient time to do a thorough review of your proposal. So you need to drive that with an action plan.

An action plan can include many different things, but examples include:

  1. 1)Meeting your sales management or executive team

  2. 2)Reference customer meetings

  3. 3)A presentation of your proposal

  4. 4)A demo

  5. 5)Review of legal terms and conditions

  6. 6)Anything you can positively do to influence the decision in your favor!

Used well, an action plan can also accelerate a decision. This is by making clear, with product or service lead times, when they need to order to meet their technical or financial goals.

If you can answers these questions positively you have a well qualified category

Bear in mind you can customize all the qualifying questions in Salesdiver. Each of the SCUBATANK categories can (optionally through in app purchase) have ten questions you can tailor to suit your business, product set or industry.