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You know what you are selling will benefit the customer, but do they?

Have you crafted a clearly articulated benefits statement?

This can be in terms of:

  1. 1) Financial returns (e.g. return on capital, return on investment)

  2. 2) Time to market (e.g. our services will get your new banking system live three months sooner than the competition)

  3. 3)Competitive advantage (e.g. This decision support software will allow you to price more competitively in response to consumer trends)

  4. 4) Any other metric meaningful to your customer!

Once you have crafted your benefits statement, make sure it is clearly in your proposal, and understood by all members of your sales team - so they repeat it until the customer can!

Once the customer is as crisp on your benefits statement as you are, you have a well qualified category!

Bear in mind you can customize all the qualifying questions in Salesdiver. Each of the SCUBATANK categories can (optionally through in app purchase) have ten questions you can tailor to suit your business, product set or industry.