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This SCUBATANK category is one of the most powerful.

Making the most of it means you need to do a little strategizing.

It is all about whether you can get one or more of your unique capabilities into the customers decision criteria.

In other words, can you positively influence the outcome in your favor?

Doing so means identifying those unique product features or services capabilities you can deliver (that would give your competition a really difficult time to respond to).

It also means trying to find those features or capabilities that the customer really values - so much so they will put it into their RFP, or other decision framework.

Working on this category can really give you the maximum chance of winning the customer’s business.

Bear in mind you can customize all the qualifying questions in Salesdiver. Each of the SCUBATANK categories can (optionally through in app purchase) have ten questions you can tailor to suit your business, product set or industry.