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Sales people instinctively know to dig for information - what is the customer’s budget? When does he or she plan to make the purchase?

But often in the heat of a sales call, whether face to face or on the telephone, it is easy to forget to follow up on all the questions you need to ask to make sure you understand everything going on with this opportunity.

Salesdiver keeps you on track, prompting you with questions to help you get the answers you need to decide whether this is a deal you can win.

Qualification is not something you do once - but something you need to do throughout the sales cycle. Budgets and timescales change - and your ability to close and forecast accurately is based on keeping current with everything that is going on.

Salesdiver helps you do that.

Available now on the Apple App Store - Offered free

Closing a deal always feels pretty good!

But selling competitively is a game of intelligence - asking the right questions and making sure you dig deep for the evidence to help you decide whether you have a good chance of winning.

Salesdiver is an iPad/ iPhone application and a sales methodology that will help you make better sales calls by asking the right questions of your customers and prospects.

Salesdiver is designed to allow you to focus on your customer, but also prompts you to follow the Salesdiver methodology to make sure you are asking the right questions.

Why Salesdiver on the iPad?

Because it is the first device that can allow you to make a sales call without the technology getting in the way and still allow you to take meaningful notes and gain the customer insight you need to succeed with your sales campaign.

Why Salesdiver on the iPhone?

Because many happy iPhone customers are sales people who want a tool to help them be more productive and successful in their business. Salesdiver on the iPhone allows them to do everything they can do on the iPad version, but in a smaller form factor.

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