The Methodology

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Salesdiver will build a database of the companies you sell to, the opportunities you have to sell to those customers, and the sales calls you make for each opportunity.

It uses the touch capabilities of the iPad or iPhone allowing you to select any of the SCUBATANK initials and then takes you to the status of the subject area (like Kash - the budget for this project) and prompts you with suggested questions to help you probe on that area and a notes area where you can jot down what you learn.

As you unearth the status and believe that area is well qualified, you change its qualified status to “yes” which turns it green. The ultimate goal is to have each initial of SCUBATANK green, which means it is all well qualified, and that means you have the absolute best chance to win that deal.

Alternatively, a deal that stays stubbornly red, despite your best efforts, is telling you to qualify out. Qualifying out is smart! It gives you more time to focus on the deals you can win.

That’s Salesdiver!

Salesdiver helps you remember the questions to assist you to qualify well through the acronym:


Each letter represents an area to probe on or to help you make your sales case. Each time you start a sales call the application will remind you of your notes and status from the last sales call and prompt you to re-qualify each area to get the latest status:

S - Solution

C - Competition

U - Uniques

B - Benefits

A - Authority

T - Timescale

A - Action Plan

N - Need

K - Kash

So, how does Salesdiver help me?


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