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Selling can be hard, but it can also be the most fulfilling career around, especially when you are successful!

Success in sales is about working hard, building your pipeline and ensuring you have enough opportunities to make your numbers.

Winning those deals however, is about understanding them thoroughly, and knowing when you can win, and when you can’t. Spending time on the deals you can win is the way to come up smiling, time after time!


Making a deep dive in your pipeline is exhilarating!

Here are some of the benefits of Salesdiver that will help you be a more successful sales person:

  1. Maintain a log of the companies you sell to and see the number of deals in play and the total dollar value of opportunities

  1. Maintain a list of the opportunities you are working on and manage your pipeline

  1. Manage your sales calls more successfully following the Salesdiver methodology

  1. Customize the list of qualifying questions to suit your business, product or industry sector

  1. Send emails (jn app purchase option) summarizing your sales calls to a list of key contacts (like your sales manager, pre-sales team etc)

  1.   Integrate your sales call records into CRM applications like (cut and paste from email)

Salesdiver - The tool for greater sales success

Salesdiver - Available now on the Apple App Store - for

just 99 cents

For the Apple iPad and iPhone

Optional in app purchase options for:

Add send email option - $0.99

Add additional questions option - $1.99

Add unlimited notes option - $0.99

Add all options - $2.99