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Salesdiver FAQ

1 - How do you edit an opportunity?

You can edit the name, value, close date and status of an opportunity by selecting the pencil tool. Once you do this your list of opportunities can be selected for deletion - or you can select the disclosure button on the right of each opportunity to go to the edit page.

Once there all the fields can be edited. This includes the status field.

2 - How is the status field used?

The status field allows you to maintain a field as active (the opportunity is still being worked) or you can set it to inactive. The inactive status settings are as follows:


                    1 - won

                    2 - lost-price

                    3 - lost-features

                    4 - lost-other

                    5 - qualified out

Once an opportunity is set to inactive it will not appear in the list of opportunities - unless you want Salesdiver to.

3 - How do I see inactive opportunities?

If you want to see the inactive opportunities, set the option in settings (the cogwheel) for “show inactive opportunities” to on.

4 - I cannot see the “Email and Close” button - why not?

In order to be able to send email summaries of each opportunity, you need to go into settings (the cogwheel icon) and set the Close and Email setting to yes. You will then be able to create up to 5 standard email addresses to send these emails to, and the button will appear on the screen. This feature is only available if you make the in app purchase for “add email option”.

5 - How does “Data Management” work?

Salesdiver creates a database of your opportunities. It is very efficient in its space utilization, but if you have built up a large database and want to clear it out, you can use data management to do so. Please go into settings (the cogwheel icon) and set it on. You can also select the period after which Salesdiver will delete the records. For example, if you set it to two weeks, Salesdiver will delete the inactive opportunities that you have not accessed for two weeks. It will not delete any opportunities that are still flagged as active.

6 - How do I tailor Salesdiver to my needs?

Salesdiver lets you tailor up to 10 questions per SCUBATANK category if you select the optional add questions option (one question is available in the core version). This allows you to make sure the questions suit your sales style, your companies product set, or your line of business’s jargon (to give a few example). For example, you may have a well defined benefits statement for your product (something perhaps like “our product will save you 15% over 3 years”) and you can capture this statement with a suitable question (like “are these kinds of savings important to you”) and Salesdiver will make sure that benefits statement is always part of your sales call script.

7 - What features are available in the standard Salesdiver 1.5 release (also known as Salesdiver core) and what are the in app purchase options?

The standard version comes with one tailorable question per SCUBATANK category, and up to three notes per SCUBATANK category per opportunity. You may extend Salesdiver in three ways. First by adding additional questions which allows you to maintain a list if up to ten questions per SCUBATANK category. Secondly you can have an unlimited number of notes. Third, you may add the email option which allows a deal summary to be emailed to a list of contacts. Each of these options is $1.99, or you may buy all three for the lower price of $4.99.

8 - I bought Salesdiver 1.0 for the iPad and had the above features included in the original price of $9.99. How do I regain these features without buying them again?

Please email with a copy of your original receipt and you will receive instructions as to how to add these features at no cost to you.

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